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Patrick Bienert born 1980, is a German photographer.





East End of Europe, 2020

Wake up Nights, 2017


East End of Europe, Ofr Galerie, Paris, 7 December - 15 December, 2020

​East End of Europe, Republic Square, Tbilisi, 5 October 2019

​Clothing trade, Tbilisi Photo Festival, Mushtaidi Park, Tbilisi, 12 September - 21 September, 2019

​Paper Journal , Webber Gallery, London, Curated by Patricia Karallis, 30 August - 31 October, 2018

Friperie , Amphithéâtre de Carthage, Tunis ,10 May - 17 May, 2018

Wake up Nights, Ngorongoro, Berlin, 25 April - 29 April, 2018

Wake up Nights, Capitis Studios, Berlin, Curated by Nadine Barth, 2 March - 5 June, 2018

Post Soviet Visions, Calvert 22 Foundation, London, 23 February - 15 April, 2018

Wake up Nights, Store Studios, London , 28 October - 6 November, 2017

Asmara, Deichtorhallen, Hamburg , 25 September - 9 November, 2015



​Zeit Magazin International, After the Roses, 2019

Manner Magazine, Banks of Dnister, 2019

Zeit Magazin, Am Ende der Nacht, 2019

Double Magazine, Curators, 2019

Paper Journal, Conversations, 2018


Kolga Award 2020, East End of Europe, Shortlisted 

Rovinj Photodays 2020, Clothing Trade, Grand Prix 

Athens Photo Festival 2020, East End of Europe, Shortlisted

Rovinj Photodays 2020, East End of Europe, Winner, Portrait

Magnum Portfolio 2020, Independence March, Selected

Tbilisi Photo Festival 2019, Clothing Trade, Public Award

Goethe Institute Tunisia 2018, Clothing Trade, Photography Grant



​Are We Europe, East End of Europe, Text: Hanna Torseke, BE, 2020

Another Man, East End of Europe, Text: Jacob Charles Wilson, UK, 2020

Paper Journal, East End of Europe, UK, 2020

Another Magazine, East End of Europe, Text: Belle Hutton, UK, 2020

Revue Magazine, East End of Europe, UK, 2020

Art-Critique, East End of Europe, Text: Alain Rauwel, FR, 2020

Blind Magazine, East End of Europe, Text: Coline Olsina, FR, 2020

Achtung, East End of Europe, Text: Carmen Maiwald, GER, 2020

Zeit Magazin Online, Faces of Tbilisi, GER, 2019

Zeitjung, Georgien, Text: Dajana Kolig, GER, 2019

British Journal of Photography, Paper Journal, Text: Eva Clifford, UK, 2018



​Das Gewicht der Dinge von Florian Illies

Les visages d’Europe par Alain Rauwel

East End of Europe by Brad Feuerhelm


​Republic Square, Tbilisi - October 2019

Chapelle de Carthage, Tunis - May  2018

The Bank of Ljubljana, Pristina - May 2018

University of Applied Sciences, Munich - December 2017

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