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Patrick Bienert born 1980, is a German photographer, who works on long-term projects of portrait, landscape and documentary photography.  He studied photography at the Staatliche Lehranstalt für Fotografie in Munich. His photographic longterm projects are grounded on cultures and identity in relation to the history and its traces between the land and its inhabitants. He predominantly documents youth culture and transformation on the borders of Eastern Europe. Bienert has published the books Wake up Nights (2017), East End of Europe (2020) and Happy Springs (2023). His photographic projects have been exhibited at Deichtorhallen, Calvert Foundation, Webber Gallery, Amphithéâtre de Carthage, Ngorongoro, Tbilisi Photofestival, Store Studios London, Ofr Galerie and Sheriff Gallery. Editorial projects have been have been published in The New York Times Magazine, Double Magazine, Luncheon Magazine and Zeit Magazin.

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